HOSTMINE’s unique offering to you is in our name -’HOST’.
We’re your host, your business partner and supporter.

Discover a mining option that’s perfect for you

Bitcoin (BTC) $ 47,736.00
Ethereum (ETH) $ 3,363.49
Bitcoin Cash (BCH) $ 614.11
Litecoin (LTC) $ 176.04
Dash (DASH) $ 197.77

Buy & Host

Benefit from service and support levels that utilize Cheaper electricity leading to increased margins
all without the need to set up and maintain your own servers.

HOSTMINE Mining Farm Containers are mobile mining units that can be strategically positioned to plug in to some of the cheapest electricity available today.

With HOSTMINE, you can choose the type of crypto-mining service support that suits you, from Buy & Ship (buy servers from us, we’ll ship them to you) to Rent & Host (rent our network-connected servers – you control configuration) – or our newly launched UK service support package, Buy & Host -the first ever fully managed and genuine crypto mining hosting contracts in the UK delivering L630-cost electricity (as little as £0.08 per unit) and high profit margins.

What is Buy & Host?
With Buy & Host. you simply buy servers from us and we’ll host them for you – you don’t have to set up, monitor or maintain them. So with Buy & Host. you can join the crypto-market safe in the knowledge that you’re backed by our comprehensive and fully supportive hosting service.


What are the benefits of Buy & Host?

  • You don’t have to host or maintain servers – we’ll do so at our Lincoln. UK. mining facility
  • Flexible contract periods to suit your budgets – to 3 years
  • Simple, regular service fees cover rental. internet. maintenance and electricity – no hidden costs
  • Lowest maintenance costs in the UK – 8.2p/kWhr
  • No loud or irritating equipment noise at home – yet you have full control of servers from wherever you’re based
  • 24-7 on-site uptime for maximum earning potential
  • 24-7 on-site security for maximum peace of mind
  • If a server breaks down under warranty, you’ll get a quick on-the-spot replacement – no loss of mining time
  • Insurance availability from partner companies
  • Flexible ways to pay invoices – including direct debits
  • Regular mining updates
  • Priority support
  • Server buy-back opportunity after end of contract
  • Free shipping of servers to requested address after end of contract
  • You’re dealing with a UK-registered business

Exclusive Custom-built HOSTMINE GPU Servers

HOSTMINE offers all round efficient mining services for almost every mineable crypto asset on the blockchain network. We offer algorithm-specific and highly efficient ASIC servers and multi-algorithm and high profitability GPU servers.

Buy & Host contracts are available for asset specific mining: Bitcoin and Ethereum: and for Multi-crypto asset mining on GPU servers. Our asset specific crypto

mining contracts aims to deliver high efficiency mining rewards and multi-crypto asset mining aims to deliver high profitability rate by keeping maintenance cost per hash (E/H) ratio to minimum. Whatever be your aim and requirement be in crypto mining. HOSTMINE’s tailor made services with deep knowledge and experience in this field will cater to all of them.

Hosting and Mining with HOSTMINE

BITCOIN Mining Contracts

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Buy-Host 2
Buy-Host 3
Buy-Host 4

ETHEREUM Mining Contracts

Buy-Host 5
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Buy-Host 7
Buy-Host 8

GPU Mining Contracts

Buy-Host 9
Buy-Host 10
Buy-Host 11
Buy-Host 12

Mine the widest choice of crypto-assets

Minimise maintenance costs, Maximise profitable mining

Compared to other crypto-assets. Bitcoin definitely has the biggest market cap – followed by players such as Ethereum. ETH, Bitcoin Cash. BCH and others. The fact is that the higher the market cap of a specific crypto-asset, the more difficult it is to mine that asset – especially since there’s fierce competition amongst miners to mine as many blocks as possible. Each crypto-asset is based on a different mining algorithm – and the algorithm allows the crypto-asset to function in the blockchain network.

ASIC and GPU servers – each delivering distinct benefits

ASIC (Application-Specific Integrated Circuit) servers are designed to mine highly specific algorithms, which means they can WHO a very limited number of crypto-­asset types – but on the plus side. they’re highly efficient performers.

By contrast, GPU (Graphic Processing Unit) servers can be configured to mine a wide range of algorithms – which means they can mine almost every mineable crypto-asset on the network. Its also worth remembering that GPU servers operate silently in comparison to ASIC servers.

HOSTMINE custom-designed GPU servers – delivering maximum all-round benefits

HOSTMINE offers custom-designed GPU servers that deliver optimum operability and consistently high-return mining. Designed and assembled in-house. our GPU servers are also tuned to minimise maintenance costs per hash ratio (£/H).

In addition. HOSTMINE GPU servers Incorporate highly effective air-flow cooling, and consume less electricity compared to ASIC servers and other less efficiently designed GPU mining rigs on the market. Simple, yet efficient. HOSTMINE GPU servers ideally combine low maintenance with highly profitable crypto-mining operations!

  • HOSTMINE currently aims at consuming 500 kW in its new mining facility in Lincoln in the UK
  • 3 categories of servers to choose from: EFFICIENT, VALUE and INITIAL depending on customer’s budget and planning. Our customers can choose from any of the three categories and can get to Bitcoin mining without any hassle.
  • Contracts are available from as cheap as £  5,804.2 (all incl.) for a minimum period of 12 months. with maintenance cost as cheap as £  504.2 (all incl.) per month for 3 Antminer S17 + 70TH/s from Initial mining category.
  • Mining farm operation will begin in the 1st week of July 2020. until then we will keep taking orders and fill them in accordance to first come first serve basis. This is an indicative date and is subject to change.
  • Each category of server is subject to different maintenance costs. starting from £ 0.o8/kWhr. upto £ o.o9/kWhr.t!• Our customers also have an option to insure their servers with our partner insurance companies
  • 24×7 uptime is guaranteed except for maintenance days which will be done every quarter and such downtimes will be duly informed to our customers.
  • Information relating to Bitcoin production through these servers will change depending on market price and network hash rate on the Bitcoin blockchain.
  • HOSTMINE guarantees best operating conditions for servers. although it does not guarantee anything on the production as it cannot have any control over it
  • All customer owned servers will be controlled by our customers themselves and they can configure them however they like. Or HOSTMINE can also set it up for them and manage it with their permission. completely free of cost!

Our commitment to renewable energy

All of our mining facilities are powered by 100% renewable resources of energy
HOSTMINE plants 1 tree for every server we sell

Benefits of Hosting your Crypto Mining servers with HOSTMINE

  • Cheapest maintenance cost in the UK
  • 24×7 uptime (except during regular maintenance shut downs)
  • UK registered business
  • High tech surveillance security 24×7
  • Insurance availability from partner companies
  • Flexibile ways to pay invoices including direct debits
  • On spot HOSTMINE warranty coverage (waste no mining time if server goes down under warranty, HOSTMINE replaces the server instantly with similar model/specs at no extra cost)
  • Regular mining updates
  • Priority Support
  • Anytime planned visits to the Hosting site in the UK.
  • Free shipping of servers to requested address after end of contract
  • Buy back opportunity from HOSTMINE after end of contract.
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