Unlike other cloud mining companies HOSTMINE is the only mining platform that enables
users to buy and host crypto mining servers, and have total control over them online.

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Bitcoin (BTC) $ 49,093.00
Ethereum (ETH) $ 4,096.41
Bitcoin Cash (BCH) $ 445.47
Litecoin (LTC) $ 149.19
Dash (DASH) $ 130.64

6 Simple steps to becoming a crypto miner

Just follow these 6 steps, and you’ll soon be crypto-mining with HOSTMINE:

1. Create your HOSTMINE account.

Set up your account

2. Choose the level of mining that suits you Efficient, Value, Initial.

Visit our mining options page

3. Choose the level of Hostmine service you require Buy & Ship, Buy & Host, Rent & Host.

Select your Hostmine service level
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Please note:
If you select Buy & Ship: servers will be shipped 7-10 days after full payment
is received.

Buy & Host: (Coming soon)
• You can see your selected servers on virtual racks on your dashboard
• Servers on racks will show two signals: RED = server bought but not
connected – or – access denied due to unpaid electricity and maintenance
costs BLINKING GREEN = server connected and working

Contact our support team

If you select Rent & Host: (Coming soon)
• You can see your selected servers on virtual racks on your dashboard
• Servers on racks will show two signals:
RED = server rented and available for use, but access denied because
payments are due BLINKING GREEN = server connected and working

If you host 10+ servers, you must buy extra racks.

Each server model comes with its own dashboard-accessed installation
instructions on how to connect it to the pool. For further assistance from
Hostmine, please contact our support team.

4. Choose the crypto-asset you want to mine.


5. Choose your mining pool.
If you haven’t already chosen a mining pool that you want to join, helpful websites include,, These websites will also provide information on setting up a pool account.

When using HOSTMINE servers, you will need to input appropriate mining addresses from your chosen pool. These addresses can only be accessed from your pool User Account once it is set up.

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6. Set up a wallet.
This is where you store your crypto-asset rewards. Your wallet address comprises a series of alphanumeric characters, and you can generate wallet addresses for free by using an exchange or online wallet services. You can also generate wallet addresses offline by using free software tools. Each address you generate is equivalent to a single-use token for each transaction of in-coming crypto-assets.

All your crypto-asset transactions will have a security feature comprising a 254-bit private key that generates a unique mathematical signature each time a transaction takes place. You can use the same private key multiple times and you should store it in a safe place, since it is the only route of entry into your wallet. To set up your wallet, visit,,,

Dedicated to Renewable Energy

At HOSTMINE, we recognise that crypto-mining uses up considerable amounts of electricity – and as an ethical, eco-conscious company, we are dedicated to using renewable sources of energy wherever possible.

Furthermore, we are dedicated to using large-scale crypto-mining farms (containing the servers) located close to electricity-generating plants. Heat produced by our server farms can be re-directed to those electricity- generating plants by way of efficient re-use of our excess energy in the creation of more electricity.

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HostMine GetStarted