Hostmine Launches India Shipping Service 1

Hostmine Launches India
Shipping Service

Hostmine’s Buy & Ship goes live in India ahead of India’s full adoption of cryptocurrency

Right now, India is opening up to the concept of cryptocurrency for a whole host of important reasons that could have vast benefits for the nation’s economy. The advent of cryptocurrency in the Sub-Continent could do much to address inherent problems with Indian currency fluctuations and mismanagement – and crypto-currency is likely to be an ever-growing phenomenon that reflects the many crypto start-ups beginning to emerge from a vast, educated Indian middle class.

In addition, crypto-currency could provide a workable global financial system to deal with the vast amounts of Indian money now being moved around worldwide – India has a global diaspora of over 30 million people and a resident population approaching one and a half billion. So India could very soon be a major international crypto-hub – with virtually unlimited potential for smart players who are ahead of the game.

Launching Buy & Ship in India

At Hostmine, we constantly track global developments in the emerging crypto-universe and having identified India as a market of enormous potential, we’ve recently launched our Buy & Ship services throughout India. Buy & Ship is designed for those who want to set up their own independent self-hosted crypto-mining services; customers simply purchase their own servers from a range of models we have on offer and we’ll ship them directly to wherever they are. Buy & Ship is the ideal Hostmine support service for crypto-enthusiasts, crypto-traders and small investors – with the added bonuses of fast delivery and full technical support.

Comprehensive warranty – discounts available

Hostmine’s Buy & Ship services are available throughout India, and customers can pay directly in Indian rupees, with products being delivered usually within an impressive five working days of the order being placed. Servers benefit from a full 180-day warranty (extended warranties can be arranged), with discounts available on initial orders and bulk purchases.

Indian purchasers receive full Goods & Service Tax (GST) invoices for all orders, as well as free product delivery, free technical support, and fast product replacement or repair if required. Firmware/ASIC boost updates are available on request.

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